The Benefits of British Accent Lessons

The Benefits of British Accent Lessons If you have your heart set on learning proper English, being able to use a British accent is essential to the genuineness of your ability to speak the language. If you’ve ever heard someone speak another language, there is an obvious difference between whether or not they are a […]

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How to REALLY pronounce British double vowel sounds!

Dear British accent enthusiast, Today I want to talk about a greatly misunderstood subject: Dipththongs, also known as ‘double vowel sounds’. We are a looking at a dipththong when we have ONE letter but we make TWO sounds. An example would be the the letter /a/ in the word ‘make’ ‘Make’ is pronounced ‘meik’. The […]

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How to learn the British accent testimonial

Success learning the British accent How to learn the British accent – testimonial Hey everyone, I just received a video testimonial from British accent learner Gabriel who uses my course, so I thought I should share his experience with you. It’s already helping him achieve his goal of speaking with a British accent and will […]

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