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The UK & the Standard British accent

The United Kingdom contains many diverse and eclectic accents that have been created and developed over thousands of years. The Standard British accent is considered a standard non-regional British accent, originating from London and the surrounding areas.

What are British Accent Lessons?

British accent lessons often use the Standard British accent as a basis and such lessons aid individuals in learning how to speak like a native British citizen. In particular, actors and actresses find British accent lessons helpful for gaining acting roles that have a need for a British accent.

What Types of Lessons Exist for English Learners?

Fortunately, there are numerous types of British accent lessons available online. Depending on the locale where the student resides, there may be in-person tutors (or dialect coaches) that can be hired or retained. It's not uncommon for some in-person tutors to cost individuals thousands of dollars. Accent lessons can also be taken through book course offerings. It is important to note that very few individuals can properly learn to speak with a British accent from reading alone - speaking is essential - along with hearing examples of the dialect being used accurately.

Most British accent lessons programs focus on several key concepts including how to speak with Rs, the pronunciation of U to sound as the word "you", enunciation of heavy consonants, dropping Ts, learning that some words are to be pronounced as written, and other various concepts.

How Clear Pronunciation Can Help in Every Day Life

Clear pronunciation can be a critical factor in a person's daily life. From everyday communications in grocery stores or over the phone conversations, being able to pronounce the words clearly is important.

If one is hard to understand, it can affect that person's chances of gaining employment. While most companies understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and the hiring laws that govern such decisions, employers can exercise unconscious bias towards those that speak with an accent or without clear pronunciation.

E-Course 'Learn the British Accent Fast!'

To adequately learn the British accent, it's essential to focus on certain fundamentals. 'Learn the British Accent - FAST!' is an information packed program that includes all of the key fundamentals needed to learn to speak effectively with a British accent.

With this program, previous experience or knowledge in speaking with a British accent isn't required. Participants learn how to speak believably in the British tongue in an extremely quick time frame.

'Learn the British Accent Fast!' combines an e-book and MP3 recordings that include clear pronunciation guidelines. This online learning program is completely downloadable and includes no restrictions, which allows the program to be installed on multiple devices.

The 'Learn the British Accent Fast!' program comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

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