Private British Accent Lessons and Dialect Coaching

While the course is a great way to learn the British accent, no matter how good the course is, no matter how good you are, there will always be one thing missing: Personal attention.

Someone who can tell you what you may be doing wrong. Someone to teach you tricks that are so exclusive that you will not find them anywhere else!

If you are serious about your British accent, take advantage of my personal, private, one-to-one lessons via Skype and let me teach you how to speak with a perfect British accent.

You are here as you have a keen interest in learning the BRITISH ACCENT, so I will give you a very special rate, that no one else can get: you will have my personal attention and will be given expert tuition for just $49.99.

No Nonsense, No Fillers.

The lesson will last a FULL HOUR and we will cover everything you need to know about the British accent. I will personally analyse your accent and tell you EXACTLY what you have to do to speak with a perfect British accent.

Book your lesson right now to reserve your spot.

Your Benefits of this Lesson

Just $49.99

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How Booking Works

After you have reserved your spot, I will contact you via email (to the email you used for Paypal or you can specify a different email address in Paypal, during the check out procedure).

Alternatively, once you made your payment and want to schedule your lesson or for any other questions, contact me at

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